My favorite out of everything are big boob girls that are not fat or obese and that are filmed like pinups.  This is what I enjoy the most.  I take solace in knowing I am not the only one because Pinup Files is extremely popular and very successful. Not only do they amaze me by how they continue to find the worlds most beautiful busty models but almost all my favorite models seem to make an appearance on the site.  If you like pinups and you love busty babes I am going to predict that this site will be one of your favorites.


I have always been a fan of Digital Desire.  I know it might seem cheesy but I liked the fact that he took some of the industries top talent and photographed them like super models not like sluts having sex on camera.  The site is very PG-13 but don’t let that stop you. I think you will find that it has more appeal than most of the really popular sites. Every girl gets topless but Stephen Hicks doesn’t always show them below the waste in fact most of the time they are in sexy lingerie.  so I guess you could classify the site as a lingerie site. I classify it as the site that has one of the largest archives of beautiful women ever put in one place.

This is one of my personal favorite models.  She might be a muscle barbie but she is really one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on even if she didn’t have muscles.  Which I must add that I am a fan of.  What I like best about her is that she is buff but at the same time she isn’t one of those female bodybuilders that looks more like a man than a chic.  She has curves and long blonde hair and beautiful eyes. In my opinion it doesn’t get any better than her. Come to think of it I should really try to schedule a photo shot with Megan Avalon.

So after much searching I found one of the best real amateur sites on the internet.  I actually found it by chance.  What is weird is that the site has been around a while I had even chatted with the owner once or twice and never realized how popular the site actually is.  My lose is your gain because I am here to tell you a bout Desperate Amateurs.  The concept is simple.  Find 18 plus year old girls who are desperate for some cash and get them in front of the camera for the first time in exchange for some money. It’s a good way to find never seen before models and some of them might never have gotten naked otherwise.


Usualyl when you think of southern girls you think about the Georgia peach.  But I’m here to tell you this is not always the case.  One of my favorite solo girl sites is Madison Lain and she is not so innocent.  She doesn’t go by the traditional southern values and in fact even thought it’s her own site she admits to being a sex addict and has no hold ups of using toys and penetrating herself for the entire world to see.  But what it comes down to is that she is very easy on the eyes and if you like cute thin blonde babes you are going to want to check her out.

The term erotic photography means art work that is done of naked women.  It’s just another way of saying this is not porn but the stuff that shows up in a museum.  When you go to one of them there are tons of naked bodies painted on canvas. Photography is just another medium. If you want to see this kind of thing online the best place to go is Met Art.  They kind of pioneered the concept online.  Back then everyone seemed to want to see hardcore stuff. They kind of reversed the trend and proved that what is most important is how sexy the girl is.